First let me say, “Welcome to my world …enter cautiously”.

The question is “do I know what I’m doing?” …Not when it comes to writing a blog, I’ll tell you that much. But these days I’m not necessarily one to run from new things either, so here it goes.

First things first, I’m not quite sure if this blog should be exclusively about:

  • Zen Engineering the Company

  • Topics about the people at Zen

  • Specific technical topics

  • What we are doing

  • Who we are working with

  • Details on what we are planning to do.

  • Whatever I happened to have on my mind at the time

I guess only time will tell. Maybe I’ll get lucky and no one will even ever read any of this and it won’t matter either way. At least my mom and dad will read it. (I hope… Hi Mom! Hi Dad!)


The one thing that I can tell you is – we really ‘do’ know what we are doing when it comes to InRoads and Survey. That’s not to say that others don’t know what they are doing also, but having some ‘knowledge’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always be successful, does it? A more important ability is to be able to correlate that knowledge with precisely where you need it. And again, I’m not saying that there aren’t other people out there that have that skill. There most definitely are. But you are not poking around the Zen Engineering website because you already know everything. I suspect that you found your way here because there is something that you don’t know; or there is something that you would like to know; or there is something that you feel you might be missing. (Or you are just assessing your competition, or being a Zen-friend. ; )

Do we at Zen know it ‘all’? If someone told you that, they’d be lying I assure you.

Can we get the job done? Yes.

Can we effectively help others? Yes.

Are we willing to share everything that we know? Yes.

Will it cost you an arm and a leg? Yes. : )

Okay, okay, maybe I’m not supposed to be ‘selling’ on a Blog. I don’t know the correct blog-etiquette yet so forgive me (or not). But before you ask us for help, you have to ask yourself the appropriate questions:

  1. How important is my need?

  2. Do I really care about fully understanding what I don’t know?

  3. Is this problem significant enough to take it to a professional?

In light of the question “Do I really know what I’m doing?”, there is one thing that I am very certain of: I am dedicated to every user and manager and their challenges of getting the job done on time, within budget, minimizing effort and maximizing the use of the InRoads tools laying within reach of his keyboard and mouse. And it’s only you that holds you back. Trust me on this one.

What do you think?


  • "One man with courage is a majority."

    – Thomas Jefferson